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37 London Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1LN
How to Arrange Your Own Fundraising Activities

We're always in need of contributions of any kind to help do what we do to the best of our capabilities and the more donations we get the bigger our impact on those we help can be.

So how can you contribute to The Lyme Trust? In pretty much any way you'd like to contribute really! Whether it be raising funds for the Charity through both traditional and creative unconventional means or by volunteering your services to us, any help we can get is massively appreciated. Below are a list of suggestions (but by no means limited to) for how you and your organisation can contribute. Obviously there's some crossover in that many of the activities can be arranged by anyone and not  exclusive to organisations, etc. As well as raising money for a valuable cause these can be  great morale and team building activities.

Also don't forget to check out how you can raise funds by shopping online via

If you're interested in contributing to The Lyme Trust outside of a donation then contact either or Remember, the more creative the better!